Air Handler Repair & Installation

Air handlers are a great way to heat and cool your California home. Air handlers are generally large metal boxes that connect to the ductwork. They distribute the air throughout the home and then return it to the air handler. Most of these systems are located in a garage, closet or attic.

Benefits of an Air Handler

  • Contains a humidifier for the winter months
  • Air quality is increased due to the mixing chamber within the unit
  • The system is quiet
  • Fan components move the air making the system more efficient
  • Many contain air filters

Air Handler Repair

Air handlers are generally quiet air conditioning systems. If you are experiencing any loud noises, rattling or vibrating from your air handler it might need repair. Left unchecked, this could lead to pricey repairs and shorten the life of your system. If you suspect that you need air handler repair call our AC technicians  for prompt repair service.

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