The Most Common Types of Heating Repairs

HVAC technician

It’s always a good idea to turn on your heating system before it gets too cold this winter to make sure your furnace is working properly. Furnaces are big, loud, and dusty….

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Five Reasons to Buy a Ductless Heat Pump

Ductless heat pump

Ductless heat pumps, or mini splits, are a way to heat and cool rooms that do not have ducts in them, such as places like your garage or attic. You may also…

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Why Is My Home’s Radiator Still Hot When the Heating Is Off?


No one likes dealing with problems involving their heating system. Heaters that won’t turn on – or in some cases, won’t turn off – cause comfort issues and energy waste that can…

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What Does a Thermostat Red Blinking Light Mean?

Since thermostats, furnaces, and air conditioners can’t speak to you to tell you when there’s a problem, you have to pay close attention to the signals they do provide. Sometimes it’s easy:…

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Why Is Dust Blowing Out of My Heating Vents?

Dust in vents

If you’ve had recent work performed on your heating and air conditioning system or have had any home renovations done, you may experience large amounts of dust and possibly some insulation blowing…

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Could Your Furnace Be Leaking Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide detector

A well-maintained furnace will provide you and your family with years of comfort. Preventative maintenance keeps furnaces operating at optimal efficiency, saving you money on your monthly fuel and utility bills. A…

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A Guide to HVAC Industry Terms

Air conditioner

When you work in a certain career, you pick up colloquialisms that make sense to the people you work with, but not with your friends at home. What makes sense to heating…

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Why Your Home Needs a Heating Tune Up

Furnace tune up

Autumn is the perfect time to winterize your home. These chores could include general maintenance or once-per-year assignments to prepare your home for the upcoming cold weather such as cleaning your  gutters…

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Why is My Home’s Thermostat Not Working?


Is your home’s thermostat acting funky? Some issues the HVAC technicians at Bigham’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning commonly see include thermostats not displaying anything on the screen, not correctly communicating…

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What Is Dirty Sock Syndrome?

Dirty Sock Syndrome

Does your home have a musty smell that reminds you of dirty socks? That’s certainly not a smell you want to live with everyday. Air conditioning or heat pump odors are sometimes…

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