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Air Duct Cleaning in Berkeley

Moved into a new home recently? Did you know that 1 in 10 people will pay to have their air ducts cleaned as a way to clear out leftover dirt and debris from the previous owner and to improve indoor air quality? While air duct cleaning in Berkeley is popular, you may not understand what air duct cleaning actually does for your home.

Reasons Customers Ask For Air Duct Cleaning in Berkeley

  • Just moved to a new home and want to clear out the “junk” from the previous owners
  • There are cold spots in the home
  • Regular maintenance to keep the air clean
  • To address respiratory or other health problems.

You May Not Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

All of these reasons sound pretty reasonable, however, cleaning out the air ducts in your home may not even solve the problems you’re trying to address. And if you hire someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, they could actually damage the air duct infrastructure in your home or release debris that could cause further health problems. For those wanting better air quality, considering the purchase of an air purifier in Berkeley instead, as it may be a better solution to your problem.

There are times we will strongly recommend air duct cleaning, for example:

  • Pest infestation in the ducts.
  • Visible mold growth or contaminants (only have your ducts clean AFTER the cause of the mold has been identified and fixed, including the removal of wet insulation).
  • Build up that blocks air flow (it’s extremely rare to have that much build up, but we have seen it once or twice).

The Real Question to Address is “What Am I Trying to Fix?”

Don’t just assume your air ducts need cleaning and spend the money. Instead, call Bigham’s expert Comfort Advisors to come take a look and spend the time listening to your needs. We can help you determine if cleaning your air ducts is truly the best option for addressing your problem or suggest other solutions that would suit you better. If you decide to have your ducts clean, Bigham’s will always perform a pre-inspection to make sure your system is “fit” to withstand the cleaning to avoid possible damage from the process. This is especially important in older systems.

If you’re considering air duct cleaning in Berkeley, you can trust Bigham’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning to help you find the right solution for addressing your indoor air quality and air duct cleaning needs. Contact us today for a consultation and quote!