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Expert Santa Rosa, CA Air Conditioning Installation Service

Does it feel like your air conditioning system is not providing for your comfort when you need it and that you are repairing it way too often? Are you stuck in rooms that are too hot or some that are too cold? Is your heating and air conditioning system being noisy, and you don’t know why? Is your home facing humidity problems and you have begun to even experience excessive dust around your air conditioning unit?

If you are experiencing a multitude of these problems, it may be time to install a new air conditioning unit. Our local HVAC company offers the best heating and air conditioning brands in the business with high energy efficiency and long life spans. Our knowledgeable service technicians know how to determine exactly what size and model air conditioner would fit best for your home and can educate you about the energy-efficient benefits, affordability and our ironclad guarantees and warranties available.

Many common signs indicate that the installation of a quality new air conditioning unit might be the best option:

Your Air Conditioner Has Gotten Too Old

A very common reason to consider replacing your current air conditioning system is simply because the unit has gotten too old. Most air conditioning units are not meant to last more than 10 years and, after that time frame, they begin to experience signs of breaking down. When dealing with air conditioning units over 10 years old, it is actually more beneficial long-term to replace the unit with a more updated model. The newer models tend to be more energy efficient, which means a smaller electric bill for you and more money in your pocket. These newer and higher quality models also mean improved indoor air quality while also being more “green” so you will also be reducing your carbon emissions.

Your Air Conditioner Requires Constant Repairs

This is the more obvious sign that your current air conditioner is in need of replacement. Have you spent a lot of money trying to repair your current air conditioner and it still constantly breaks down during the hot summer months or cold winter months? Even when you take the necessary precautions with cleaning and maintenance does your air conditioner continue to break down? If the repairs are getting more and more frequent, then it will actually be more cost effective to just install a brand new air conditioning unit to replace the old one.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Are there inconsistent temperatures in some rooms of your home, meaning some are too cold or too hot in comparison to the other rooms. This means your air conditioner is currently exhibiting signs of malfunction, poor insulation or issues with the duct work.

Here at Bigham’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa, CA, we know your air conditioning system is one of the most important appliances in your home. If your air conditioner is older or not functioning properly, it could mean discomfort for your family, as well as higher energy bills.

We believe in putting the customer first, which is why if you are considering replacing your current unit or installing a new air conditioning system, we offer a free, no obligation, in-home estimate and excellent customer service. Our high-quality service assesses your Santa Rosa, CA, home’s needs, as well as listens to what you’re looking for in an air conditioner to help you determine the best solution for your home comfort.

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