Ductless heat pumps, or mini splits, are a way to heat and cool rooms that do not have ducts in them, such as places like your garage or attic. You may also want to Buy A Ductless Heat Pump if you’re adding an addition to your home or you want to upgrade your home from a baseboard heating system.

The technicians at Bigham’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can install a ductless heat pump in your home to make your space not only more comfortable but more efficient, too! Check out all of the reasons why it’s worth looking into ductless heat pump systems. Contact us today for more information about these energy-efficient heating and cooling units.

Individual Temperature Control

Do your family members constantly bicker about how cold or hot your house is and can’t agree on a set temperature? Then a ductless mini split system might be the solution. When you buy a ductless heat pump, you can install several air handlers, or “zones,” around the house. Now you can set the ideal temperature in your living room while your son can crank the AC in his room without interfering with each other.

Ductless mini split heat pumps are especially great for offices or apartments. Everyone can set the temperature they desire without worry. People outside their zones won’t complain about the temperature, and it can eliminate the need for individual space heaters.

Decreased Energy Loss

One of the biggest problems with traditional heating and cooling that travels through your home’s ductwork is that much of that conditioned air can be lost through cracks in the seals of the ductwork. A ductless mini split heat pump system reduces the amount of energy wasted, ensuring all of the air goes directly into the intended space. This means you don’t have to heat unoccupied rooms either. If you buy a ductless heat pump, you will notice significant savings on your energy bills.

Not only will you use less energy, but a ductless heat pump will also help you lower your carbon footprint. Your heat is no longer powered by gas or electricity, making it much more efficient than those HVAC systems that do. They use a refrigerant called R410A, which is known for its zero ozone-depletion potential. This means your ductless system will have a much smaller impact on the environment.

Easy to Install and Low Maintenance 

One thing that really surprises customers who buy ductless heat pumps is how easy they are to install. The hookup between your outdoor and indoor units generally requires only a three-inch hole through a wall for the conduit. When you call Bigham’s, we can bring multiple lengths of conduit to make sure your indoor unit that’s furthest away from the outdoor unit can still be reached.

Units can come in many shapes and styles, including models that attach directly to the wall or ceiling, or models that stand on the floor. Most come with remote controls, making them easy to use. Ductless mini splits require little maintenance, and many units have washable filters that you can clean and replace regularly.

Healthier Options

Air ducts can be home to allergens. Mold, fungi, and bacteria can grow in vents in a system that has not been properly maintained. When air blows through these vents, these agents become airborne and can cause allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma. In a ductless system, there are no ducts and no place for these allergens to grow – letting you relax and breathe easier because of the improved air quality in your home. 

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Have you ever been awoken by the sound of your furnace turning on? Furnaces are big and loud, and it’s not uncommon to hear them through walls. Noisy heat is a thing of the past when you buy a ductless heat pump system. Most ductless heat pumps are so quiet you can barely hear them, even when they’re running at full speed. 

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