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Heat pumps are a central heating and cooling unit that uses a refrigerant to transfer air from outdoors to indoors and vice versa. This works because it maintains a stable temperature through the movement of air that’s already there. A heat pump continuously filters the air removing dust and other particles as well as dehumidifies the home. Heat pumps typically have two units: the air handler and the outdoor unit.

Types of Heat Pumps

    • Air-Source Heat Pumps: Air-source heat pumps can provide up to 3 times more energy to the home compared to how much electricity consumed. This type of heat pump is greatly recommended for warm climates.

    • Ground-Source/Geothermal Heat Pumps: This type of heat pump pumps heat to and from the ground. This is perhaps the most efficient kind because the ground temperature stays stable throughout the year.

    • Absorption Heat Pumps: These heat pumps use natural gas, heated water or propane to heat and cool the home.

When to Use a Heat Pump

In several situations, using a heat pump as your central heating and cooling system can make your home much more comfortable while reducing the cost of energy. Bigham’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning suggests considering installing a heat pump in the following instances:

    • If your home is all electric

    • In addition to a natural gas furnace for a Duel Fuel system

    • Sizing restrictions as the gas units are very large

    • If you use solar energy making your electric bill very low or non-existent to keep energy costs down

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