HERO Financing Program


If you are looking to upgrade your heating and air conditioning system but do not want to pay for a system upgrade or replacement, there is available no cost financing through the HERO program. The HERO program is provided in partnership with your local government for home improvement projects that increase efficiency and save on energy and water. This includes home upgrades and heating and air conditioning upgrades.

HERO is not an additional line of credit or a new loan, it is more like the house is the predictor for your financing because HERO approval is based off the assessed value of your home and the equity that you have accrued rather than your credit score. The program allows you to borrow up to fifteen percent of the value of your home. Payments are made through an assessment on your property taxes. In addition, interest on these payments may be tax deductible. If you sell your home then the HERO assessment may be able to be transferred to the new owner.

HERO will finance one hundred percent of your project. This means no money down, no upfront costs, and HERO offers fixed rates and terms ranging between five and twenty-five years. Applying for the program is extremely simple with an online application that only takes a few minutes at www.heroprogram.com.

HERO has a verified network of contractors that are licensed and adhere to a strict customer protection policy. HERO contractors have also agreed to only be paid when you sign off that all the work was completed to your satisfaction. And to keep you up to date with program details, HERO offers 24/7 nationally based support for all your questions before, during, and after your project is complete.