Rebates and Incentives


Utility Rebates Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) periodically offers rebates on new, high efficiency heating and air conditioning system systems. These rebates apply to air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, and ductless mini-split systems. These rebates only apply to certain systems that meet the standard for energy efficiency and energy savings.

Consult with your home comfort advisor about meeting the requirements to receive your rebate. Bigham’s will review and submit all the required rebate paperwork for you so you will not have to worry about any part of the process. Contact the office for updates and status of your rebate. To learn if there are any current rebates available schedule a no obligation in-home consultation and ask your home comfort specialist about current rebates.

Manufacturer Rebates: Manufacturers will also offer rebates and incentives for their equipment. These rebates are usually offered seasonally and you must purchase your heating and air conditioning system within the rebate period. Also, manufacturer rebates can to differ season to season based on their inventory and promotions. Again, ask your home comfort specialist about any current manufacturer specials that might be available to you. You can also visit our special offers page to see if there might be any current rebates.

Tax Incentives: If you have purchased or are planning on purchasing a heat pump, air conditioner, or gas furnace during the current tax year, you may be eligible for federal tax credits. Tax credits and incentives change annually and must meet specific energy efficiency and system standards to qualify.

2016 tax credit – up to $500 or ten percent of quoted amount, depending on the total price of your system. If you do not qualify for that tax credit, there are also specific amounts set depending on the type of system your purchased.

  • Heat pump – $300
  • Air Conditioner – $300
  • Gas Furnace – $150

Specials and Coupons: For other specials and coupons visit our specials page and see all our current deals and promotions. Your home comfort specialist will also present all the rebates and specials you that may be available to you at the time of your free in home consultation.