hvac maintenance

Most people think they only need to service and schedule maintenance on their HVAC systems when their system suddenly stops working or while an issue arises. However, pre-season HVAC maintenance
in both, the spring and fall months will guarantee optimal performance and prevent inconvenient and costly repairs.

It can also help minimize your energy bills. So, when should you schedule HVAC maintenance? Ideally, twice a year. For cooling systems, you should schedule maintenance before the hot summer months. And for heating systems, you should schedule maintenance for furnaces and heating systems in the fall before the dead of winter.

Over time, outdoor systems and equipment can become dirty and require upkeep and repairs. A licensed HVAC technician will clean and inspect the units. Not only he makes sure all components are working properly, he also lubricates and replaces the parts as needed. For inside units and systems, a licensed technician will inspect the system and components. He will change air filters, check for leaks and inefficiencies, and ensure your systems are operating correctly, too. While preventative HVAC maintenance can protect your systems and keep your energy costs to a minimum, what happens if your system suddenly stops working correctly during the summer or winter?

Having your system break down can be very frustrating and the best way to get your unit working
properly is to call a professional HVAC service and repair. That is why Bigham’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is available to serve the San Francisco Bay area. Our team of professionals can help get your system up and running whether it is simply routine maintenance or an emergency repair.