Programmable Thermostats

Sometimes all you need to have a more efficient heating and cooling system is to have an updated, well-placed thermostat. Some people just don’t realize what a difference a new thermostat can make for their comfort and their heating and cooling costs. Our HVAC professionals know everything there is to know about thermostats for your home.

Location Means Everything

Did you know that the location of your thermostat can change the efficiency of your air conditioning system? A thermostat should always be located away from all vents and heating and cooling units. It is also important to have them in an open hallway so that it can regulate all the rooms in the home. When placed too close to the heating and cooling components, the system short cycles, causing numerous starts and stops that increase your energy bill and shorten the life of your system. Our expert thermostat technicians know exactly where to place a thermostat in your home to better serve the whole house.

The Leader in Advanced Technology

Bigham’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to offer many brands and models of programmable thermostats for ultimate climate control. Programmable thermostats allow you to program your system to come on and off at specific times of the day reducing your energy costs. A Zoned System allows you to program exact temperatures for certain rooms at certain times of the day so that you save money by not heating or cooling unused spaces. Contact us for thermostat installation today.

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